We’re adventurous by nature and value real human connection and experiences.

The Greenbox story

Greenbox was initially born out of a love for travel, many years ago on a tropical island. Founders Emily and Simon originally started making websites to fund a digital nomad lifestyle. Now, 10 years later, Greenbox is a collective of like-minded people who share a passion for contributive brands and services that move people.

We’re so lucky that we get to work with people who love food, travel and good conversation as much as we do.

We’re a small experienced team of creatives and developers. We value authentic connections and experiences - with one another, as well as with our clients. We are meticulous in our approach and take great pride in our craft. And we leave our egos at the door. When we’re not triple checking a project board, or knee-deep in code, you’ll find us planning a menu for a dinner party, or our next surfing holiday.

Simon Carter Managing Director / Partner

Dave Strauss Creative Director / Partner

Emily Lemmon Production / Partner

Kenny Irvine Lead Developer / Partner

Cathy Wentzel Senior Fullstack Developer

Mokarram Khan Senior Shopify Developer

Munnike Geldenhuys UX Copywriter

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Awesome clients from around the world

We believe that great things happen when values are aligned. Our clients give us creative freedom and trust when needed, and in turn, we listen to them (really listen to them) so that our combined vision can be actualised. We work alongside each other on every step of the project, and enjoy the challenges and breakthroughs borne of the creative process. Ultimately, we want to grow your offering as much as you do.